City of Westfir Planning Commission Public Hearing

Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Audio/Video Teleconference, 5:00 pm

Continuation of November 22, 2021, Public Hearing

A continued public hearing will be held for the purpose of taking comments on the following two development applications:

1. Case No. SR2021-01: An application to remodel an existing structure at 47395 Westoak Road, Westfir, for a market, bike shop, residential apartment, and tap bar.

The Planning Commission voted at the first hearing to postpone the decision to accept the following additional information into the record:

  1. Finalized site plan, including parking; bioswale locations; Post Office/ADA access; and landscaping.
  2. Trip generation report (traffic impact). (Report may include both Case Nos.)
  3. Noise management plan.

2. Case No. SR2021-02: A request for a conditional use permit approval for a campground on Tax Lots 119 and 129, Assessor’s Map 21-35-07-40. Tax Lot 119 has a street address of 47415 Westoak Road, Westfir and is occupied with a 400 square foot structure built in 1940.

The Planning Commission voted at the first hearing to postpone the decision to accept the following additional information into the record:

  1. A more detailed Staff Report addressing the seven conditions recommended by staff for approval of a conditional use permit for Case No. SR2021-02. In addition, more explanation on the definition of a campground with reference to a Mixed-Use Zone and consistency with the character of the city.
  2. An updated site plan, including campfire proposal and exact location of septic system drain field.
  3. Trip generation report (traffic impact). (Report may include both Case Nos.)
  4. Noise management plan.

The applicants for both applications have indicated to the City that more time is needed in order to complete the above items requested by the Planning Commission. Therefore, on January 18, the Planning Commission Chair will call to order the continued hearing and then immediately continue the hearing again to February 15, 2022, to allow the applicants more time to complete the requested items for both applications (SR2021-01 and SR2021-02).

Documentation: A copy of the application, all documents and evidence relied upon by the applicant and applicable criteria are available for inspection, plus the staff report and draft findings at least seven days prior to the hearing date and can be reviewed free of charge at City Hall between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., MWF; or viewed on the City of Westfir website at; or they may be duplicated at the expense of the person wishing to obtain copies one week prior to the date of the public hearing. ($0.10 per 8½” × 11” page, B&W). Additional information may be obtained by contacting the City Recorder, Nicole Tritten, at 541-782-3983.


The order of procedure for the conduct of the hearing will generally be as follows:

  1. Announcement of the nature and purpose of the hearing. (On January 18, 2022, the continued public hearing will likely only make it past this item, the announcement of the nature and purpose of the hearing, as the hearing will likely be continued again to February 15, 2022.)
  2. Announcement of opportunities for submission of information and appeal.
  3. Disclosure of ex parte contacts and conflicts of interest.
  4. Presentation of the staff report.
  5. Applicant's testimony.
  6. Testimony of persons in favor.
  7. Testimony of other persons.
  8. Additional comments by staff.
  9. Applicant rebuttal.
  10. Closure of the public hearing.

How to Participate

Due to limited space and COVID-19 health and safety measures, the public hearing will be an audio/visual teleconference with an option for in-person comments. Detailed instructions for participation will be on the City website:

If you have any questions about how to participate, please contact the City by phone (541-782-3983) or e-mail ( Prior to the meeting, you are also encouraged to submit questions and comments by phone or e-mail.

To join the hearing using your computer, tablet or smartphone, go to:

Alternatively, use your telephone to dial one of these numbers (tolls may apply):

When prompted, enter this Meeting ID:

831 6939 6248

When you submit a question or comment during the hearing, please state your full name.

Ask to be recognized by clicking the Raise Hand icon (or by pressing *9 on your phone). You'll see the Raise Hand icon after you click the Reactions icon.

Online participants can also submit questions and comments during the hearing by clicking the Chat icon.

Click the Mute / Unmute icon (or press *6 on your phone) to mute or unmute your microphone.

How to Testify in Person

For interested persons who must attend the hearing in person, the City strongly encourages that you first register with the City Recorder by e-mailing or calling 541-782-3983.

The City is asking that you register to participate in person due to social distancing requirements caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting chamber is not large enough to accommodate all persons, so you may be asked to wait outside the chamber until it is your time to provide testimony. Interested persons wanting to provide oral testimony in person may be called into the chambers to provide oral testimony one at a time in order to adhere to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Masks must be worn by all persons attending in person.

Prior to the next hearing on February 15, 2022, the City will post the Zoom link and how to participate in the hearing. The staff report and all new materials relied upon will be published at least seven days prior to the February 15, 2022, hearing date.